Here I Stand

“Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me, Amen.” Words attributed to Martin Luther. Words that challenged the Pope, the Emperor and the power structures and systems of his day. Words that birthed the Reformation. Words that changed the world. And words that still inspire resistance to anything that stands in the way of the gospel—the good news that sets people free from the power of sin and oppression. There is a different kind of “here I stand” moment in today’s gospel. There are two men at the temple to pray—standing apart. The devout, religious one is standing tall and proud. It’s as if he is saying, “Here I stand. And I’m so glad I’m not like other people. The undesirables and deplo

Worn Out

Recall a time when you were worn out and weary. Maybe you feel worn out today. Maybe you feel overwhelmed with your busy life. Maybe the news or thinking about the future leaves you distressed or despondent. Corruption, partisanship, climate change— it’s like there is a pall hanging over us. Keep reading or listen to the sermon.

Listening to Trees

Scholar Belden Lane writes about talking to trees. With Saint Francis and the challenge of climate change in mind, watch a video of this sermon from October 6, 2019.

Angels Aren't Cute

Picture an angel in your mind. What do you see? An overweight cherub on a cloud? A kid dressed in an angel costume for a Christmas pageant? A blond-haired Barbie doll with wings? A Precious Moments figurine on a mantle? If we can say one thing about angels in the Bible, it is that they aren’t cute. Despite a whole industry of sweet, angelic tchotchkes. It would be better to say that angels are terrifying. I don’t know what I believe about angels, but I believe in what angels point to. And I love this feast of Saint Michael and all Angels. Read, or better yet, watch the video of this sermon. Byzantine angel at left

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