Are We in Bondage?

In the scriptures, Paul talks about us being slaves to sin. In short book of Philemon, Paul returns Onesimus to his master and this passage has been used to justify slavery in generations past. Last month, the New York Times brought to our attention the 400th anniversary of the first slaves being transported to this country. The goal of Project 1619 is to reframe American history. Some 157 years before the colonists even decided they wanted to form their own country, 20 to 30 enslaved Africans were brought to our shores. Listen to or read the sermon.

A Stick, A Fence, A Cross

This past week I attended a performance of a most moving and profound work called “Considering Matthew Shepard.” As most of you know, Matthew was a gay college student living in Wyoming. In 1998, in a brutal hate crime that captivated the nation, Matthew was murdered, and left hanging, like a scare crow, on a fence outside Laramie. The librettist uses the word “passion” for the work, as there is a strong connection to choral works based on the passion of Christ. The fence becomes a character in itself. As Matthew is near death on the fence, his arms are extended, like on a cross. Listen to or read the sermon.

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