I'm a Benedictine Oblate

What's that, you ask? Earlier this month I wrote in my church enews that I was heading to a monastery to become a monk. Let me explain and clarify. For twenty-five years I have spent time at Saint John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota. Saint John's is not only a monastic community but a university, school of theology, and prep school, and is also home to Liturgical Press and 2,700 acres of natural terrain. Saint John’s is a place dear to my heart for several reasons. First, for twenty-five years I have gone there for retreats and portions of both of my sabbaticals. For almost a century, Saint John’s has been at the forefront of liturgical renewal in this country. Second, since Vatican II i

Join the Movement

They had no idea where the movement would lead. Fifty years ago, LGBTQ people stood up to the police. Drag queens, homeless teens, transgender women of color lesbians, gay men and allies. This diverse community had fought back before, but this “no” captured the attention of the world. From then on, their uprising was simply referred to as “Stonewall.” The mantle was passed on. Continue reading or listen to the sermon.

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